Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Episode Two: Long-Term Repetition

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This episode deals with long-term repetition. That's repetition over the course of a song or an entire routine. We'll discuss:
- maximizing intellectual satisfaction by balancing length & complexity (with graphs!)
- maximizing emotional satisfaction by balancing frequency & drama (also with graphs!)
- using theme and variation to keep repeated elements fresh and interesting
- using the structure of your music to guide your repetition

In the process I'll be sharing:
- low-, medium-, and high-complexity combinations
- several ideas for medium- and high-drama movements
- combinations that demonstrate Theme & variation
- my "cheater's drop", a less intimidating alternative to the Turkish Drop
- a DIY exercise on working with your musical structure

This episode also includes performance clips by me, as well as by Badriya al Badi'a of Boston.


The music featured in this episode is from Belly Dancing for Fortune and Fame:
- Sala, Sala (the Taktaba theme song)
- Shisheler
- Drum Solo
- Mastika
- El Samer
Special thanks to Stella Grey for donating the use of this CD.